Charming Runes is a magical block breaking arcade game set deep below Fairylandia. The owner of the mine, Birby the Canary, needs your help to get those magical runes and ship them off to elves, goblins and humans all around the world. Time to fill out those orders for magic coming from the keeps all over Fairylandia!

How To Play

Playing Charming Runes is easy - simply touch the screen to bring up your aiming line. Drag your finger across the screen to aim, then release to throw all your pickaxes straight in that direction.

At first, you'll only have one axe, but for each Pickaxe Rune you break open, you'll earn another pickaxe. Before long, you'll have a stream of whirling magical pickaxes, shattering everything in their path!

Watch out though, if even a single block reaches the bottom row, it'll cause a cave-in and the game will be over. If you see triangular ! warning signs, clear out the lowest blocks nearby - immediately!

Block Types

There are many different types of blocks buried within the grounds below Fairylandia. Many are packed with pure magic and give you special benefits when you break them open! Each block has a number over it - this number indicates how many hits it will take to break open it.

  • Block
  • A standard, square, stone block. You'll be seeing a lot of these. The darker the block, the tougher it'll be, so make sure to keep an eye out if they're getting close to the bottom!

  • Corner Block
  • This triangular shaped block will send your pickaxes pinging off in another direction if you hit its angled side. It can cause disaster, but if you aim correctly, you can line up some neat shots!

  • Diamond Block
  • A block with an angle on each side, which requires more strategy than your standard Corner Block. Just remember that each side will change your pickaxes' angle and you should be fine.

  • Rotating Block
  • These tricky customers can really mess up your day! They constantly rotate, meaning that even if you line up your shot correctly, it won't be the same as when your pickaxes reach the block! Although, if you have enough axes, and time your shot right, the block just might end up sending pickaxes careening EVERYWHERE...

  • Explosive Rune
  • This highly volatile Rune comes in three types - explosion, row and column. An explosion will instantly destroy all blocks around it, while row and column Runes destroy the entire row or column they're sitting on instead. If you're clever, you might even be able to cause chain reactions!

  • Gift Rune
  • This gift box inscribed rune will give you a special power-up to help you. Score multipliers increase your score, while damage multipliers increase the amount of damage your axes do when hitting blocks. These wear off after the round is over. Slingshots increase your aiming sight, while Sharp Axes are stronger than regular pickaxes.

  • Question Mark Rune
  • A rare prize indeed! This mysterious glowing rune will drop a strange, rare artifact when broken open. What do they do? No-one really knows. Better hold onto them though, it looks like they might come in handy later...


Luckily, Birby knows that rune mining can be tricky work, and has given you an assortment of handy tools for when you're in a jam.

  • RuneScope
  • This super powerful telescope is created from the bones of long-dead pirates. Spooky! It's enhanced with magical pirate eyesight, for as everybody knows, a good pirate can see far off into the future when sailing. Now you can see where your shots will bounce before they happen! Whoa!

  • RuneSmasher
  • An incredibly powerful pickaxe, enchanted with the most powerful substances in Fairylandia - dragon teeth and dwarves dirty underwear. Ick. However! These special substances mean that RuneSmashers do 3 damage instead of 1! Get a damage multiplier for some serious business!

  • RuneBoom
  • A custom, portable magical potion created by Runda Boom. Select it, then tap anywhere on the screen to throw it at that exact position! It will then explode destroying all blocks around it. Plan carefully, and you could cause an incredible chain reaction! Yeah!

  • Magical Magnet
  • The Magical Magnet is a handy tool for when you've got pickaxes pinging around and need to wrap up your shot early. Simply tap the Magical Magnet button, and all your remaining pickaxes will be called back to you, ending the current turn. Handy!

Secret Tricks!

There are MANY special ways to earn bonuses at the end of a shot. One way is to clear ALL the bricks off the screen entirely (it won't work if there's only two rows, though!). But there are other bonuses to trigger, too...

You might think that the best way to go is to fire a lot of pickaxes in one go. However! Try to get the most out of your show with multiple ricochets. More hits on bricks per shot is better for you!

Throwing a RuneBoom in the right spot when you've got a full board with a few Explosive Runes can really give you some breathing room!

Remember to claim your achievement rewards! You won't get a new reward if your current reward is waiting to be claimed!

Break open those mystery runes and save them for later. Trust us!